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Was born when founder David Mayhuire Ramos ,He found the need to organize travels for small groups of people in Peru. There was a true need for a specialized and Professional Peru travel agent . Company that could offer travelers personal attention , good service ,and treat them as person. Ever since, David Expedititions Peru has been providing personalized,exellent trip luxury travel experiences, flexible tours to Perú.

We are now one of leading travel operators at Perú, we have great itineraries tailored to the needs, wants and interests of our customers.

With headquarters in Cusco and an office in the city of Cusco, we combine deep local insights with long-standing knowledge.

Our passionate and experienced staff brings a wealth of travel, tourism and hospitality industry knowledge as well as adventure-seeker know-how to creating unique and interesting itineraries for each client. Our Professional Team, guides, drivers, historians, chefs, experts, friendly, and wonderful.

David Expeditions Peru – Private Tours Peru – Private Guide Peru ,means ideology of my ancestors, ¡Llankay, Yachay, Munay! Work, Learn, Love, to grow.

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About Us

David Expedition Peru - About Us

About Us David Expeditions Peru, alternative trips for You. Different tours, ending at Machupicchu, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Cusco the Inca civilization capital, surroundings Titicaca lake – Puno. Colca canyon – Arequipa .Offering you safety trip, flexible tour, responsible enjoyable ,respectful, tours to enjoy and meet your needs, our tours are different, are very independent. We offer you different alternative, we do tours for people of all ages, to enjoy each wonder of Peru, We don’t like faster tours, we don’t do faster trips.

Our ideology, are to work with small groups of people, to give you better and personalized service, we want to take you, in different tour, to learn our history, we want to teach you the history of many wonderful civilizations in Perú, our purpose is to show our customs, traditions, to taste our gastronomy, sport, and to experience our big celebrations, we want to listen to your preferences, and needs, We are people who will give you some suggestions, options ,some ideas to enjoy your trip.

Don’t forget our tour, our programs are for small groups of friends, family group, but one very important thing our tours and programs are for nice, friendly and happy people because this is vacations.

I am, David Mayhuire Ramos: one professional tour guide certificate ,professional tour guide or tourism guide, I studied administration business, History, Languages. In one private university in Cusco – Perú, very highly recommended tour guide in TRIPADVISOR, We are one team of professionals working to give you a better also good service, David Expeditions Perú. together with friends, friendly tour guides (the team of tour guides we speak Quechua, Spanish fluent in English, Portuguese) Friendly good drivers, professionals, new vehicles nice comfortable transport all together, we are working more than 10 years. David is one Inca descendant person ,David is the host, the director with experience from very early, original person Peruvian from sacred valley of the Incas. Born at ollantaytambo, Grow up at Urubamba, I born in heart of the sacred valley Cusco, 31 years old i have one good brother he is also a guide, three nice sisters, my father and my mother they are still alive thanks to the gods.

What means trips at Cusco, sacred valley of the incasMachupicchu – Titicaca, and Colca canyon. There is no doubt, that Perú is a privileged and diverse country it is located on the central west coast of nice South America ,and is the third largest country with a surface area of 1,285,215.6 km2. Larger then Spain and Germany eth, France. This country is a land of natural riches and much cultural diversity that can always surprise even the most seasoned traveler.

Mountains, desserts, beaches and jungles.As well as vestiges from the pre – Hispanic and colonial eras. Are only a few of the attractions, that make any excursions in this country such a fascinating experience.

Perú – Cusco – Machupicchu, is a privileged country with 85% of the climates in the world – a larger portion of Amazon – jungle, the Andes mountains and thousands of miles of pacific ocean coast is considered a true. “Dream destination for any travelers”.