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We offer you another different option like Cooking Classes to enjoy your vacations , Cooking classes are the gastronomic vacations around Cusco – Sacred valley , Cooking classes are fusion and mixture of great flavors from the all world, this vacations invites you to experience this fusion mixture of flavors and cultures.
Peru is the Number one country with diversity, of flavors, ingredients, for the perfect cooking classes.
Peruvian food is very well recognized in South America , North America , Europa Other countries of course in the world , Peru is perfect Country to do Adventures in Cooking Classes.
What means gastronomy vacations and cooking classes in Peru.- Sacred valley , Cusco in ? There is not doubt that Peru is a privileged and diverse country it is located on the central west coast of south America and it is the third largest country in it, with surface area of 1’285 215.6 km larger then France, Spain and Germany together. this country is a land of natural and cultural diversity that can always surprise even the most seasoned travelers.
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Participants, learn to reproduce the diverse flavors of Peru cuisines.


Peru’s – Cusco rich cuisine is rooted in the variety of its ingredients, its dynamic cultural history, and the exceptional creativity of its modern-day chefs. These three components playing off each other have brought Peruvian cuisine into the world’s gastronomy spotlight.
To do perfect Cooking Classes, Peruvians not only have unique local ingredients to distinguish their cuisine, they also live in a land that has been crisscrossed by a myriad of immigrant groups. The fisrt Adventures people in Cooking classes where Spanish crossed the native Peruvian communities (1532). Then came the Africans, then the Chinese and Japanese, and finally the Italians. In their wake, each cultural group left behind a trail of culinary habits, Some preferred salty, others sweet. Some ate meats, others vegetables. Cooking classes was part of very old Cultures in the world .
Here we have the advantage for Cooking Classes ,of still discovering ingredients the foundations of Peru’s food , culture in the Inca and Pre-Inca Civilizations they will enjoyed food , now days , for Peru people and visitors will be just wonderful use the potato number of more then 4,000 varieties, quinoa, quiwicha, maca, maiz, chili, etc. in The cooking classes .
We offer you many choices between Gastronomy and Cuisine – Cooking Classes – Tours in Peru-Cusco -Sacred Valley. (Some examples for you).
Each Cooking classes tour Includes, visit the different local people market in the Sacred Valley or Cusco to get our ingredients and prepare the dishes and meals we like .
For tasting and enjoy , doing our Cooking Classes , you will choose the best Ingredients .