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By George Y. Shevelov

Systematic Presentation of the phonological improvement of universal Slavic from its formation as a dialect of Indo-European to its ultimate disintegration into into the separate Slavic language. for college kids in Slavic and Indo-European linguistics.

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Ge­ neral conclusions if they are to be s uffici e ntly founded and not premature can only be dra wn from such an array of p articu l a r and partial analyses. Conse­ quently, the problem is only posed here. For its further discussion see 35, 10. " " " " 7. Approaches to historical phonology of Common Slavic. Tht' first sy�tematic prt'scntation of SI historical ph o n ol ogy in its rela t ion to the under­ lying IE language should be credited to Franz Miklosich, the Austri an linguist of Sn b ackgro un d .

Foneticeskoj si st emy prasl a ­ vjanskogo jazyka". Sbornik praci filosoflcke fakulty Brnenske university, V, 4 , 1956. F. Mares. "Vznik slovanskeho fonologickeho systemu a jeho v:Yv oj do konce obdobi slovanske jazykove jednoty". Sl, 25, 1956. T. Lehr - Splawmski . "Szkic dziej6w j�zyka p rasl owi ans kiego ". Studia z filologii polskiej i slowianskiej, 3. W, 1958. 0. Etymologic a l di ctio n aries F. M iklosich . E tymologisch es Worterbuch der slavischen Sprachen. V, 1886. N. Gorjaev. sskogo j azyka .

The relationship of the three series is such that the labiovelars and the palatovelars are never represented in the same morphemes but each of them may overlap whit the first set : the simple velars. It is obvious that the velar stops in late IE were not uniform , but it may be questioned whether they constituted three sets or two. The problem, from the point of view of SI, is discussed in m ore detail in 6,1. There were also attempts to postulate, for late IE , voiceless (sourd) aspirated 8tops : p', t', k' .

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