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By Shashank Tiwari, Elad Elrom

ISBN-10: 1430210273

ISBN-13: 9781430210276

Leveraging architectural and layout styles -- developing complicated parts -- Turbo-charging facts binding -- Tuning functions for more desirable functionality -- Flex and AIR: taking purposes to the computer -- Integrating with Java utilizing companies -- Integrating through facts and media providers -- personal home page and Flex -- conversing with JavaScript and HTML: web content integration -- Flex mashups -- Migrating net 1.0 interface to RIA -- Sculpting interactive enterprise intelligence interfaces -- operating with net 2.0 APIs -- Facilitating audio and video streaming -- utilizing 3D in Flex

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It means that modifications translate to addition of overloaded or newer functions to support newer parameters and data types. It means that your existing interfaces are kept intact. The view knows about the model, but you will learn a little later how it could use an intermediary to get hold of a model instance. A typical view allows a user to create, read, update, and delete (the so-called CRUD operations) model elements. Read is the easiest of the operations, and access to the model is all that is required for this 5 CHAPTER 1 operation.

There are three elements in an MVC pattern—model, view, and controller. The model is what holds the data and its state, the view is what you see and interact with, and the controller is what helps update the model and view based on user input. Every pattern is an effective known way to solve a recurring problem. MVC solves the problems that arise if you keep the model and view in a tightly coupled unit. If the model and the view reside together in the same class, they create a rigid structure. In such a situation, minor changes in the model force modification of the way the model is bound with the view elements.

We build three alternative views of this model. In one view, we show the data in a table, and in the other two, we represent it pictorially in a column and a bar chart. In Flex, a data model can be declared and compiled into a tree of ActionScript objects, using the MXML Model tag. To focus on MVC, we utilize this mechanism and keep our model in a simple XML file, which we bind as the source of a Model tag. At a later stage, we explore architectural and design considerations around model management.

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