English As A Second Language

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By Martin Hewings

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On no account must this switch be touched. He was able to make himself heard only by shouting. Only by shouting was he able to make himself heard. He became so suspicious that … So suspicious did he become that … Note also that a second negative verb in a sentence can sometimes be expressed by nor with inversion: He had no money and didn't know anyone he could borrow from. He had no money, nor did he know anyone he could borrow from. g. ) A Practical English Grammar 43 5 all, each, every, both, neither, either, some, any, no, none 46 all, each, every, everyone, everybody, everything (for all and each, see also 48) A all compared to every Technically, all means a number of people or things considered as a group while every means a number of people or things considered individually.

I sent them to him. : He bought one for Ann or He bought Ann one. He gave something to Jack or He gave Jack something. Pronoun objects of phrasal verbs With many phrasal verbs a noun object can be either in the middle or at the end: Hand your papers in/Hand in your papers. Hang your coat up/Hang up your coat. Take your shoes off/Take off your shoes. ) B 67 Uses of it A it is normally used of a thing or an animal whose sex we don't know, and sometimes of a baby or small child: Where's my map? I left it on the table.

He paid her badly. She speaks French well. She was badly paid. The trip was well organised. badly as an adverb of degree usually comes after the object or before, the verb or past participle: The door needs a coat of paint badly/The door badly needs a coat of paint. He was badly injured in the last match. well (degree) and well (manner) have the same position rules; I'd like the steak well done. He knows the town well. Shake the bottle well. The children were well wrapped up. The meaning of well may depend on its position.

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