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The look-ahead capability is provided by the multilevel aspect of the machine. It consists of three layers of modules (each similar to Holland’s) arrayed in a rectangular network. The layers are: a program layer in which data and instruction are stored-one word per module; a control layer which decodes instructions; and a computing layer in which arithmetic, logical, and geometrical operations are performed. The layers are identical, with one word of storage in each layer. A direct communication path exists between each of the three modules in corresponding positions in the three layers as shown in Fig.

MURTHA sequencer decodes its instructions and provides the necessary control signals to the network. Thus, the network executes one instruction a t a time, each PE operating on different data but all performing the same operation. The NCU also controls input and output and data transfers within the system and has independent but limited arithmetic and logical capability necessary for system control. 2 Data Flow Data are stored in one of three places: (1) PE memory-this memory is the basic high-speed processing memory used by the network.

The module consists of a I-bit accumulator, a small random access memory of perhaps 6 bits and some elementary logical capability. Inputs can be broadcast from the central control or entered directly into each of the module accumulators, 34 HIGHLY PARALLEL INFORMATION PROCESSING SYSTEMS As originally envisioned, the module instructions included one-bit logical operations, the capability to store and load the accumulator from memory, and data shift operations to north, east, south, and west modules.

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