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It in his power to return A CROW, ready to die with thirst, flew with joy to a Pitcher, which he saw a distance. at came up to that with all it, was unable tried to overturn sufficient his stooping to reach break it , to But when he he found the water so low the it. and straining he Thereupon he Pitcher; then to strength was not do either. At last, seeing but his some small pebbles lie near the place, he cast them one by one into the Pitcher ; and thus, by degrees, raised the water up to the very brim, and quenched his thirst.

Grass- hopper, half-starved with hunger, begged the ants to give him a morsel of it to save his life. " "Well," says the Grasshopper, "but was not idle either, for I sung out the " " whole season Nay, then," said the " do well to make a merry Ants, you'll I ! " was sleeping in his lair, when ALIGN a Mouse, not looking where he was going, ran over the mighty beast's nose and awakened him. The Lion clapped his paw on the frightened little creature, and was about to make an end of him in moment, when the Mouse, in pitiable tone, begged him to spare one who had a done him wrong without being aware.

The Stork, seeing that she notice of it, was played upon, took no but herself extremely the Fox to dine ; pretended to enjoy and at parting begged So he agreed He with her the next day. arrived in good time, and dinner was to return the visit. forthwith ordered ; but when it was served up, he found to his dismay, that it was nothing but minced meat in a tall, narrow-necked jar. Down this the Stork easily thrust her long neck and bill, while the Fox had to content himself " I with licking the outside of the am jar.

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