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By Sanjay Kumar Gupta, Anushree Malik, Faizal Bux

ISBN-10: 3319510096

ISBN-13: 9783319510095

This edited quantity makes a speciality of accomplished cutting-edge information regarding the sensible points of cultivation, harvesting, biomass processing and biofuel creation from algae. Chapters disguise subject matters similar to artificial ecological engineering techniques in the direction of sustainable creation of biofuel feedstock, and algal biofuel creation procedures utilizing wastewater. Readers also will observe extra in regards to the function of biotechnological engineering in enhancing ecophysiology, biomass and lipid yields.
Particular cognizance is given to possibilities of commercialization of algal biofuels that gives a practical evaluate of varied techno-economical facets of pilot scale algal biofuel construction. The authors additionally discover the pre-treatment of biomass, catalytic conversion of algal lipids and hydrothermal liquefaction with the biorefinery technique intimately. In a nut shell, this quantity will supply a wealth of knowledge in keeping with a pragmatic assessment of up to date advancements in algal biofuel examine with an emphasis on pilot scale stories. Researchers learning and dealing within the parts of environmental technological know-how, biotechnology, genetic engineering and biochemistry will locate this paintings instructive and informative.

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