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Since existence and properties of models over Z have been intensively studied for quite a long time, we have to concentrate our efforts on models over Z(∞) . 8. ) Generalized scheme Spec Z is [1] finitely presented over F±1 = F1 [− | −(−e) = e], hence also over F1 and F∅. (N ) Indeed, since Spec Z = Spec Z ∪ Spec AN and Z = F±1 [+[2] | x + 0 = x = 0 + x, x + (−x) = 0], all we have to check is that AN is a finitely presented F±1 -algebra. We show this by presenting an explicit presentation [p] of AN over F±1 .

For example, Spect Z = Specu Z = Spec Z, Specu Aff Z consists only of one point, but Spect Aff Z must be much larger, since it contains “abstract principal open subsets” corresponding to open pseudolocalizations Aff Z → Aff Z[f −1 ] . Nevertheless, we lack a direct description of points of the total spectrum Spect A, so the reader might find more convenient to consider only unary spectra Specu , and skip remarks concerning other localization theories while reading Chapter 6 for the first time. 9.

Centrality of − actually means −t({1}, . . , {n}) = t(−{1}, . . , −{n}) for any n-ary operation t. In particular, −c = c for any constant c. 3) Reasoning as in the case of semirings, we see that classical rings can be described as algebraic monads with addition + and symmetry −, compatible in the sense that x + (−x) = 0. 5. e. a classical Λ-algebra. In other words, we cannot obtain any “new” generalized algebras over a classical commutative ring. 18. ) Let’s list some generalized rings. g. Z, Q, R, C,.

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