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By J. M. Aroca, R. Buchweitz, M. Giusti, M. Merle

ISBN-10: 3540119698

ISBN-13: 9783540119692

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Let G be a finite group of order n. Show that Cr∗ (G) = CG ∼ = Mdim(σ) (C), and K0 (Cr∗ (G)) ∼ = Zc , K1 (Cr∗ (G)) = 0, b σ∈G where G is the set of irreducible representations of G and c = #(G) is the number of conjugacy classes in G. ) Since K0 (BG) is a torsion group, deduce that the assembly map A : K∗ (BG) → K∗ (Cr∗ (G)) is identically zero in all degrees. ) On the other hand, the Baum-Connes Conjecture is true for this case (for more or less trivial reasons—here EG = pt and the definition of K0G (pt) makes it coincide with K0 (Cr∗ (G))).

Invent. Math. 42 (1977), 1–62; MR 57 #3310 ], Invent. Math. 54 (1979), no. 2, 189–192. MR 81d:22015 4. Paul Baum and Alain Connes, Geometric K-theory for Lie groups and foliations, Enseign. Math. (2) 46 (2000), no. 1-2, 3–42. MR 2001i:19006 5. , Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1998. MR 99g:46104 6. Robert Brooks, The fundamental group and the spectrum of the Laplacian, Comment. Math. Helv. 56 (1981), no. 4, 581–598. MR 84j:58131 , Amenability and the spectrum of the Laplacian, Bull. Amer.

The only oriented 2-manifold with positive L2 -Euler characteristic is S 2 . Every hyperbolic Riemann surface has negative L2 -Euler characteristic. And every parabolic Riemann surface (one covered by C with the flat metric) has vanishing L2 -Euler characteristic. 7 (Ghys [33]). , there are real-valued functions un (smooth on the leaves) with the curvature form of eun g tending uniformly to 0. Note incidentally that the reason for using the curvature form here, as opposed to the Gaussian curvature, is that the form, unlike the Gaussian curvature, is invariant under rescaling of the metric by a constant factor.

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