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By Robert M.F. Moss, Charles B. Thomas

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1 Lagrangian Symmetries Noether’s theorems deal with infinitesimal transformations of Lagrangian systems. 1 Given a Lagrangian system (O∞ 0 Y imal transformations are defined to be contact derivations of a real ring O∞ [59, 61]. , the Lie derivative along ϑ preserves an ideal of contact forms of a DGA O∞ Lϑ of a contact form is a contact form. 16) is contact if and only if it takes a form ϑ = υ λ ∂λ + υ i ∂i + i [dΛ (υ i − yμi υ μ ) + yμ+Λ υ μ ]∂iΛ . 1) results from a direct computation similar to that of the first part of Bäcklund’s theorem [76].

In the case of a regular Lagrangian L, a Lagrangian constraint space N L is an open subbundle of a Legendre bundle Π → Y . If N L = Π , a weakly associated Hamiltonian form fails to be defined everywhere on Π in general. At the same time, N L itself can be provided with the pull-back polysymplectic structure with respect to the imbedding N L → Π , so that one may consider Hamiltonian forms on N L . 1). 7 The Poincaré–Cartan form HL for a semiregular Lagrangian L is constant on the connected inverse image L −1 ( p) of any point p ∈ N L .

41) with respect to a reference frame Γ (Sect. 3). 4. It is parameterized by vector fields τ as sections of the vector bundle T X → X . 7). 6) depends on derivatives of gauge parameters τ , and can become a gauge symmetry. 8). This is just the case of gravitation theory on natural bundles (Sect. 4). 27) of its projection u λ ∂λ onto X and a vertical vector field v. 29). 32). 4 Conservation Laws in the Presence of a Background Field In Lagrangian field theory on a fibre bundle Y → X , by background fields are meant classical fields which do not obey Euler–Lagrange equations.

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