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By Nicole Gotzner

ISBN-10: 3319527606

ISBN-13: 9783319527604

This ebook provides a unique experimental method of investigating the psychological illustration of linguistic possible choices. Combining theoretical and psycholinguistic questions about the nature of other units, it sheds new mild at the conception of concentration and the cognitive mechanisms underlying the processing of choices. In a sequence of language comprehension experiments, the writer indicates that intonational concentration and concentration debris reminiscent of ‘only’ form the illustration of choices in a listener’s brain in a basic method. This ebook is appropriate to researchers drawn to semantics, pragmatics, language processing and memory.

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The critical sentences appeared in one of three different prime type conditions, a contrastive associate, a novel associate, or an unrelated prime. Focus was either marked by the particle only or unmarked (At the store, she was able to buy only/_ [nails]F /a [bolt]F /a [lamp]F ). Since the discourses were presented visually, the focus particle was the only focus marker (there was no intonational focus marking). Participants hit a space bar if they had finished reading the sentences and at a delay of 250 ms, the target word appeared on the screen (LOCK in all conditions).

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