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By Ineke Wellens

The Nubi language is spoken in Uganda and Kenya. Nubi is Arabic, considering that approximately ninety% of its vocabulary is of an Arabic nature. it is usually termed a creole, considering that lots of its structural and developmental positive aspects resemble these of recognized creoles.

the expansion and improvement of the Nubi language needs to be located close to Lake Albert in the direction of the tip of the 19th century. this era is definitely documented and is defined at size within the first half. This quantity additionally offers an in depth description of the Nubi language of Uganda, and it bargains with the improvement of the language and searches for the proper Arabic resource dialects.

The e-book contains multiple thousand examples and a number of other texts, recorded via the writer in the course of broad sessions of box learn.

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In plural formation as well, stress is shifted to the final syllable, for instance in: 'jua 'house (SING) >< ju'a 'house (PL), 'bagara 'cow (SING)' >< baga'ra 'cow (PL)'. Stress shift in verbs can be seen in table 8, where bold H/L indicate stressed syllables. The bare verb form usually has the stress on the first syllable, with the exception of verbs in (d), (e), and (f). To form a gerund, the stress is shifted to the penultimate syllable, while the passive has the stress on the last syllable.

2. Phonology In this chapter, an outline of Nubi phonology will be given, beginning with a survey of the phonemic inventory. Syllable structure, stress and tone will be dealt with as well. In the second part, I will explore the phonological processes which may affect vocalic and consonantal quality, such as elision and assimilation. In Nubi, such processes have a profound impact, such that there is a considerable difference between lento and allegro forms. In the examples that will be given in this chapter, and in the following chapters, I will use a broad allophonic transcription 41.

In the following quotation from Meldon (1907: 142), we sense the same discriminatory mentality, that may have characterized the native Arabs and true Muslims towards the 'Sudanese' and Muslims-in-name. , can read and write a little. " We may assume that a separation was maintained between the higher and the lower ranks, and that contacts between them were infrequent. Moreover, even if the few remaining Arab superior officers still spoke a colloquial Arabic among each other, they probably used the p/c Arabic when communicating 38 with their non-Arab wives , soldiers and slaves.

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