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By Geoff Dyer

ISBN-10: 0857863347

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Anglo-English Attitudes brings jointly Geoff Dyer's top journalism and different writing from 1984-99. There are studied meditations on photographers (Robert Capa, William Gedney, Cartier-Bresson), painters (Bonnard, Gauguin), musicians (Coltrane, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan), and shut serious engagements with writers together with Camus, Michael Ondaatje and Martin Amis. additionally listed below are idiosyncratic reflections on boxing, comics, Airfix versions and motion guy, and sometimes hilarious money owed of his 'misadventures'.

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P. a. J9 THE UNKNOWN GOD My claim is that theological metaphor is irreducible. It can never become dead met:apho r. and it can never be replaced by literal language. ' In this sentence we have three levels of metaphor. The word ' heart' is now a dead metaphor. Any dictionary will include some such sense as 'capacity for feeling emotion '. ' Write' is not in the same case. literal writing in the heart is, no doubt, possible for a surgeon. Metapho rically, to write something in someone's heart is to bring it about that they are emotionally anached to it.

Let us assume, wi th regard to persons, that whateve r else it may bc, a person is someth ing which can know and love. Let us assume, with regard to G od, that whatever else God mu}' be, God is immaterial and infinite. Then the question whether there is a personal God call be answered in the affirm ative only if these attri butes - knowledge. love, immateriality and infinity - are compatible with each other. Instead of ask ing whethe r t here is a personal Ood, we might ask whether there is a God who has a mind.

L[) AGNOSTICISM necessarily metapho rical. When we say that God exists and causes. 'exist' and 'cause' , they explain, are being used in analogical senses. However; th~logical attempts to explain how no n_metaphorical analogy applies to God have been. in my view. unsuccessful. Scholastic theologians, drawing inspiration from cryptic passages in Aristotle, distinguished two kinds of analogy: analogy of attributio n and analogy of proportio nality. Analogy of attribution was often illustrated by reference to the term 'healthy'.

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