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By Axel Stähler

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Anglophone Jewish literature isn't ordinarily numbered one of the new literatures in English. relatively, Jewish literary creation in English has conventionally been categorized as ‘hyphenated’ and has for that reason no longer but been subjected as such to the scrutiny of students of literary or cultural background.

The number of essays addresses this lack and initiates the scholarly exploration of transnational and transcultural Anglophone Jewish literature as one of many New English Literatures. with out trying to impose what would appear to be a faulty conceptual harmony at the many-facetted box of Anglophone Jewish literature, the booklet relies on a plurality of theoretical frameworks. Alert to the effective friction among those discourses, which it goals to elicit, it confronts Jewish literary stories with postcolonial reviews, cultural reviews, and different modern theoretical frameworks.

Featuring contributions from one of the best-known students within the fields of British and American Jewish literature, together with Bryan Cheyette and Emily Miller Budick, this assortment transcends borders of either international locations and educational disciplines and takes into consideration cultural and ancient affinities and alterations of the Anglophone diaspora that have contributed to the formation and improvement of the English-language section of Jewish literature.

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Qxd 2 18/8/07 12:22 PM Page 33 On being a Jewish critic1 Bryan Cheyette Three images have haunted me during the writing of this chapter. The first is taken from Isaac Rosenberg’s ‘Break of Day in the Trenches’, which he wrote in 1916 as a private soldier in the British Army during the First World War. In this poem, Rosenberg gives the reader an ironic self-image of someone who is between cultures and who is unable to assimilate, even in wartime, into any one nation: Droll rat, they would shoot you if they knew Your cosmopolitan sympathies.

E. Jewish culture or civilization) which live alongside, in varying degrees of subordination and reconciliation, a dominant culture. She argues that the Jews and the hybrid languages they developed in relation to the majority cultures (Yiddish in medieval Germany, Ladino in Spain) represent the tensions and overlaps between postcolonialism and globalization, for these very same indigenous languages became a way for Jews from different parts of the globe to communicate. In Sivan’s reading of the story, Edelshtein, the narrator, comes to interpret his inability to secure an audience as a deliberate silencing and disempowerment; he begins to see it as part of a historical conspiracy against the Jews.

As these works are contributions from different angles, be it that of survivors of the Holocaust, outsiders looking in or critical observers living in our day and age, Glaap investigates in how far they provide insight into the making of different Jewish identities and how these are shaped by transculturality. In stylistic and dramaturgical respect, Glaap shows most of these plays to reveal innovative concepts, unhampered by conventional approaches to drama and concludes that, generally speaking, Jewish plays are increasingly becoming a major asset to the ‘polyphony’ of Canadian drama.

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