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By Mary Dalrymple

ISBN-10: 0126135347

ISBN-13: 9780126135343

Quantity 34 of Syntax and Semantics is a radical and available evaluation and creation to Lexical sensible Grammar (LFG), a thought of the content material and illustration of other elements of linguistic constitution and the kinfolk that carry among them. The booklet motivates and describes the 2 syntactic constructions of LFG: floor phrasal association is represented by means of a context-free word constitution tree, and extra summary sensible syntactic kin like topic and item are represented individually, at sensible constitution. The ebook additionally offers a idea of semantics and the syntax-semantics interface during which the which means of an utterance is acquired through deduction from semantic premises contributed by means of its elements. transparent explication of the formal elements of the idea is equipped all through, and alterations among LFG and different linguistic theories are explored. the idea is illustrated via the research of a different set of linguistic phenomena, together with amendment, regulate, anaphora, coordination, and long-distance dependencies. along with its curiosity to linguists, LFG additionally has sensible functions in computational linguistics and laptop science.
Key Features
* Thorough evaluation of the state-of-the-art in Lexical sensible Grammar
* transparent clarification of the formal instruments of the theory
* creation to the "glue" semantics, a concept of the syntax-semantics interface * In-depth syntactic and semantic research of a number of linguistic buildings

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English is one such language: (36) He gave her a book. Functional Information and Functional Structure 21 Zaenen et al. (1985) discuss Icelandic, another language with multiple object functions, and note the existence of asymmetries between the two kinds of objects. For instance, the primary object can be the antecedent of a reflexive contained in the secondary object: (37) Eg gaf ambattina [konungi sinum]. ' However, the secondary object cannot antecede a reflexive contained in the primary object: (38) * Sjorinn svipti manninum [gomlu konuna sina].

Semantic Forms The value of the PRED attribute is special: it is a semantic form. 2; additionally, Chapter 9 presents a more complete discussion of the information that semantic forms represent. In example (62), the semantic form value of the PRED for the f-structure labeled / is 'DAVID', and the value of the PRED feature of g is 'YAWN(SUBJ)'. The single quotes surrounding a semantic form indicate that its value is unique: for example, each instance of use of the word David gives rise to a uniquely instantiated occurrence of the semantic form 'DAVID'.

Wawirri ka panti-rni kangaroo AUX spear-NONPAST man-ERG ka ngarrka-ngku wawirri c. panti-rni spear-NONPAST AUX man-ERG kangaroo It would be difficult to find a language less like English in its phrase structure configurational properties. Thus, Warlpiri would seem to be a good candidate to test the hypothesis that evidence for grammatical functions can be found only in English-like configurational languages. However, as Hale (1983) demonstrates, languages like Warlpiri do show evidence of abstract grammatical relations, just as English-like configurational languages do.

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