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By Tareq Y. Ismael

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On February 15, 2003, over 6 million humans around the globe marched in protest opposed to a threatened warfare on Iraq. within the mild of those amazing occasions, and the clash that undefined, it truly is now extra very important than ever to correctly examine Iraq's function in global politics.This e-book presents a heritage of Iraq, an evaluation of its place within the broader political panorama, and a relocating account of the day by day fact skilled via the Iraqi humans. The authors examine Iraq's -- and Saddam Hussein's -- kinfolk and effect within the quarter of the higher center East. They research the function of the UN, sanctions and battle, explaining the impression this has had on Iraq's civil inhabitants and comparable humanitarian questions. They verify American coverage in the direction of Iraq and the way this has replaced due to the fact that September eleven, surroundings it in the broader context of America's involvement within the heart East. eventually, they give the impression of being at social coverage inside of Iraq, explaining how the inner welfare method has collapsed because the Gulf warfare, and interpreting the ongoing results of depleted uranium.

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Until the demise of the Soviet Union, American foreign policy in the Middle East was a part of its global strategy that focused on containing an expansive USSR. During this period the importance of the region was secondary, whether in the public’s perception or for elite policy analysts. This allowed for the gradual build-up and entrenchment of two powerful domestic lobbies: Israeli and the oil industry. The Israeli factor makes it impossible to understand the evolution of American policy without close attention to the dynamics of domestic US politics.

35 In February 2000, building on its calls for solidarity with the Iraqi people, Syria re-established diplomatic ties with Iraq for the first time in over two decades. With Arab and international humanitarian organisations objecting to the continued maintenance of sanctions, on 24 March 2000 the Security Council convened a special session to examine the humanitarian situation in Iraq. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan said the humanitarian crisis in Iraq posed ‘a serious moral dilemma for the United Nations’.

39 Ismael 01 chap 01 40 2/5/04 4:09 PM Page 40 The Iraqi Predicament From the early 1990s, the indisputable military superiority of the US has forged a mindset amongst the influential inner circles of American foreign policy strategists who have led the call for, and propagation of, US global hegemony. One of the most influential representatives of this unilateralist mindset is Paul Wolfowitz, the present Deputy Defense Secretary who, as early as 1991, argued in a draft Defence Planning Guidance (DPG) position paper that the United States should retain a pre-eminent role in selectively addressing those global issues which he, and like-minded individuals, perceived to threaten not only American interests but also those of its allies and friends, and which had the potential to seriously destabilise those international relations which he saw as linked to US global interests.

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