Lima City Tours

Lima  Peru Tours  – Ica – Huacachina

Lima city Tours . Discover the wealth of historic and modern attractions found in the Lima City ,during this -5-6 hour sightseeing tour around Lima City . Feel like a real Lima People’ as you explore the town’s of Lima City and colonial architecture, visit its charming residential neighborhoods, visit the scenic cliff-strewn coast and admire its many religious shrines and churches. This Lima city tour Included safe professional guide and vehicle for the tours .
If your plans are To spend 3-4 days around Lima City this is one of our great options.

Day One: Lima City Tours

Pick up from your Hotel In the  Lima city  around 9:00 am; Visit Larco Museum, Visit Lima Colonial, Visit the Church of San Francisco, Visit the main plaza of Lima City (Plaza San Martin) 16-17 pm return hotel.

Day Two: Lima – Chincha – Ica – Huacachina

Pick up from your hotel at Lima  City around 9:00 am, trip by private car From Lima  City  to Ica, with English speaking  driver, stop, Leon Dormido, to appreciate the Pacific Ocean, around 15-20 minutes, stop around 12-1 pm at Chincha province for lunch, arrival to Ica-Huacachina visit the Oasis of Huacachina and then drop off  in your hotel …? around 3-4 pm, resting all afternoon in the hotel.

Day Three: Dune Buggy and Sandboarding

Pre tour briefing day before in the Hotel, at Huacachina , Information about the equipment you will need for buggy and sandboarding tours around Ica .
Pick Up from your hotel in Ica or Huacachina, optional hour 7-8am, trip by Buggy ,the tour starts at the Oasis La Huacachina, from this point we will drive up towards the west, where the most beautiful dune formations are found. From Huacachina We will drive across Ica’s desert in a 4×4 Private buggy vehicle, and will make various stops along the way Ica desert , for pictures Return Huacachina .

The desert of Ica is the most beautiful in our country and, offers stunning landscapes, not only of sand dunes, but also of the Huacachina lagoon, from above. There will be some points where you will have the opportunity to experience the exhilaration of one of most popular sports in Ica “Sandboarding”. Our driver will take you to the summit of some dunes, and from the very top you will be able to slide down. Before you start to sand surf, our guide/instructor will teach you specific techniques to ensure a safety ride. There are actually plenty spots to sand board around Huacachina Oasis, with a wide variety of dunes, suitable for the very beginners, as well as for professional sand boarders. Keep in mind that on this tour you will not have to walk up the dunes to go for a second or a third ride, our driver will do all the lifting job for you. As you can see it will be very easy and cool. The whole tour will take about 2 hour and a half, so at the end clients are dropped off at the Huacachina Oasis or in the hotel. Shower and resting some hours.

Ica Peruvian Winery ,Pick Up from your Hotel in Huacachina, visit Tacama Peruvian Winery: “In the decade of the 1540’s Francisco de Carabantes created the Tacama Vineyard, which is the oldest in Peru, and from where the grapevine was disseminated to Chile and Argentina.
Visit Tacama ( Ica Winery ) Peruvian Winery, drive Possibly the most professional and lauded of Ica’s wineries, Tacama is run out of a sprawling pink hacienda backed by striped fields lined by vines. Eschewing Peru’s penchant for sickly sweet wines, Tacama produces some rather good chardonnays and Malbec’s, Piscos, much more better than Chilean and Argentina wines, The tour are in the factory, mirador (lookout) included sampling, a guide through the ageing process(in French oak barrels, no less) and a glimpse of an old chapel damaged in the 2007 earthquake. Situated 11km northwest of town, Optional Lunch at Tacama, optional shopping.
Bring them with you: 5 soles per person, for the entrance fee, sunglasses or goggles (will prevent sand getting in your eyes, a sweatshirt (optional, it can get chilly in the evenings) Wear Tennis shoes / sneakers (not sandals). Sunscreen for the 10 AM and 1 PM tours, shorts are recommended. In the afternoon return Hotel, resting for the next day.

Day Four:

Pick Up from your Hotel at Huacachina, around 8-9 am, directly return to Lima by car with personal driver,3 hour 30 minutes. The Tour from Lima to Ica -Huacachina, can be also 1 day – 2 days or 3 days if you have short time.

Colca Canyon Arequipa

The Colca Canyon Arequipa , is a fantastic addition to any Peru tours ,take in the unique local culture, and see the famous Condors. In a Deeper canyon than the Grand Canyon, each morning the condors rise on the thermals, just meters above your eyes in the great and deep Colca Canyon . Of course, at  Colca Canyon enjoy the natural hot springs.

Arequipa is the second large city of Peru and regards itself as the intellectual capital surrounded wonderful volcanic mountains. Set amidst a ring of volcanoes, the white marble buildings add a real air of elegance, and nicer restaurants with good food, with the  main attraction Call   Colca  Canyon and wonderful traditions  .

The Colca Canyon is located on the southern Peru in the Andes mountain range.

The Colca River birth in the Andes between Condoroma and Crucero Alto 15.000ft-drops the water down to Pacific Ocean, crossing Colca canyon this river have 4 names as Colca River, Andamayo River, Majes River and finally Camana River. The Colca Canyon register hard rain during December to April and the rest of the year is dry, sunny and cold weather.
The deepest part of the Colca Canyon is register between Ampato Mountain (21.000ft) and Coropuna snow-cappe.

Tour Option

Day One: Arequipa.

Arequipa .From Lima to Arequipa ,Pick up Arequipa city airport around….? Flight Number …..? Transfer to your hotel in Arequipa, Drop off Luggage in the Hotel, resting some hours and then Visit Arequipa city, visit viewpoint at Yanahuara, viewpoint, Carmen alto, Chapel of Cayma, Colonial house (Mansion del funder), visit the local people market of San Camilo local people market. Optional visit Convent of Santa Catalina.
USD$………. Dollars (Included Personal , professional guide service ,safe new transportation service) Cost /…….

Day Two: Tour Arequipa – Colca Canyon 

Pick up from your hotel ….? In Arequipa City around 8-9 am. Trip by private vehicle to Chivay Colca Canyon, overnight Colca Canyon or Chivay. Trip by car to Colca Canyon – Chivay village, on the way Colca canyon stop to visit the national park of Salineras to see one of the South American Camels (vicuña), visit Patahuasi one resting place on the way to Colca canyon resting to drink coca tea, keeping our journey to Colca canyon ,stop at Toqra to appreciate some nice birds, stop at Patapampa viewpoint to see volcanic mountains surrounding Arequipa city.(4910 m.a.s.l, approx..16,365ft pass) arriving to Chivay, lunch at Chivay town already located in the deep part of Colca canyon , transfer to the hotel at Chivay town or Colca canyon. (Hotel, Lunch , dinner at Colca canyon are not Included) Book hotel according to your need and possibilities. USD$ ……Dollars (Included Personal, professional guide service, safe new transportation service) Cost /… Person.

Day Three:Tour  at Colca Canyon

Tour  at Colca Canyon Pick up from your hotel …? at Colca canyon  or Chivay around  6:00 am. Driving and visit Colca canyon, visit the first  view of Tapay , located   about  Colca canyon , Visit and  stop at Cruz del Condor second  view  , another  view points to appreciate Condors, visit la Cruz del Cura third ,where  the   Colca  canyon start  , optional walking  around the Colca  Canyon, in our tour ,we will Visit some Catholic Church’s and then return to Arequipa City around  5-6 pm. Arequipa. (Lunch at Colca canyon or Chivay  ).

Full day tour, at Colca Canyon Return Arequipa City .

USD$…………… Dollars (Included Personal, professional guide service, safe new transportation service) Cost /………. Person.

Day Four: Walking Colca canyon  ( Optional )

Optional Hiking at Colca Canyon , Pick up from your hotel …?at Colca canyon or Chivay , around 8-9 am ,the Colca Canyon, walking tour included visit Uyo – Uyo Historical site, visit the cemetery of Wari Culture , Pre Inca civilization located in the Colca Canyon in the mountain side , visit farming Villages and farmers, day walking tour at Colca canyon , in the end of the day , return to your hotel. (Lunch optional)
USD$ Dollars (Included Personal, professional guide service, safe new transportation service) Cost /…….Person.

Lake Titicaca Puno


Lake Titicaca Puno

Is the highest navigable lake in the world with, 170 kilometers long, and 65 wide. The lake titicaca Puno, located between the borders of Bolivia and Peru, the lake titicaca is dotted with dozens of islands, each with characteristics and peculiarities.
The floating islands of the Uros, whose inhabitants descend from the ancient tribes that are known in America, are characterized by typical huts made from reeds. The people of Taquile Island, still use traditional weaving techniques that tourists can learn if they decide to spend the night there and accept the customary hospitality of its inhabitants.

Day One: Tour Cusco – Lake Titicaca

The Lake Titicaca tours start with pick up from your hotel in Cusco around 7:00 am, on the way to Lake Titicaca , will Visit Huaro catholic church, Visit Raqchi historical site, lunch at Marangani town , before reach Lake Titicaca ,Stop on the view of la Raya Alt 14500 ft, to appreciate part of Andes mountains, like Chimboya Mountain, located between Cusco and Lake Titicaca ,visit Pukara one ancient culture located in the high lands of Lake Titicaca ,and then drop off hotel around 17-18 pm in Puno, near the great lake of the world.

Day Two: Tour Lake Titicaca – Uros floating island and Taquile day tour

Lake Titicaca Private Tour: Pick up from your hotel approx. 7:00 am, Private Transfer service, to Lake Titicaca port, Visit Uros floating island the large floating island of Lake Titicaca , meet Local families at Uros floating island around 30 minutes to appreciate the traditions, dressing, language, after our visit at Uros island will go Visit and hike Taquile island, another wonderful island of Lake Titicaca, will meet Farmers and Weavers we will do lunch at Taquile with local people, from the top of Taquile will appreciate the large navigable Lake Titicaca and then keep our journey, day tour al Lake Titicaca ,return hotel around 5:30 pm, normally in our private tours at Lake Titicaca ,lunch and tickets are included, private new boat, to keep clean the Lake Titicaca , personal Capitan who knows very well the all lake and weather in the Lake Titicaca, personal guide service with a lot knowledge in history of Lake Titicaca for visit both island.

Day Three: Puno – Sillustani – Lampa – Chucuito

Pick up from your hotel in Puno Located near next to lake Titicaca around 9:00 am visit Sillustani funeral towers, another great historical sites located on the high lands of Lake Titicaca ,visit the wonderful lake call Humayoc, which was part of ancient Lake Titicaca , walking and hiking around the historical site, Visit the Pink City of Lampa , and wonderful Colonial church of Lampa , a wonderful temple located in the high lands of Lake Titicaca dedicate to Santiago de Apostol, visit Chucuito the ancient fertility temple of Inca culture located also next to Lake Titicaca .

Day Four: Puno – Juliaca

Pick up from your hotel approx.. Flight Number from Juliaca to Lima, thanks very much this is my personal information for Puno and Lake Titicaca and visit another parts of Peru.
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Cusco City Tour


Cusco city tour, Guided by David in the city of Cusco, will allow you to visit the different tourist attractions of the city of Cusco, such as saqsayhuaman,the Cusco cathedral, koricancha,qenqo, pukapukara, tambomachay, central market of San Pedro.

Our City Tour Cusco  , Pick up from your hotel …..? in Cusco around  8.00am, Visit Cusco City , first  stop at Cathedral of Cusco city ,then  visit  the  beautiful   Koricancha ,  ( Gold temple of the  Incas  at  Cusco city ), Visit the four main historical sites of Cusco city  ,like Sacsayhuaman  the  large  historical  site  of Cusco city , visit   Qenqo the wonderful Pachamama  temple of ancient  people on the  mountains of Cusco  city , Visit  Pukapukara  and  Tambomachay , other  two great  historical sites around  Cusco  city . Optional  Visit Inka museum or Local people Central Market , great “ San Pedro Market “   both  places   located  near  the center around   Cusco  city  . Enjoy  our  wonderful  tours around  Cusco city .

Night Tour Cusco

Cusco City  Tour at night , Pick up from your hotel…? by your personal Tour Guide ,around 18.00pm hours , Visit the main Plaza of Cusco city , to appreciate the great cathedral of Cusco city , walking tour around the main plaza of Cusco city, to apreciate other colonial buildings of Cusco city , Visit , twelve-point stone , ( Hatunrumiyoc) the nicer stone work of Inca Civilization at Cusco city , visit gardens of Koricancha ( Gold temple Gardens ) .After finished the tour at Cusco city , we will Drive to the viewpoint on the hills of Cusco city , from there willl appreciate Cusco majestic , guided tour from the hills at night .
Finished our Night Tour ,Return to your hotel at Cusco city .