Lake Titicaca Puno

Is the highest navigable lake in the world with, 170 kilometers long, and 65 wide. The lake titicaca Puno, located between the borders of Bolivia and Peru, the lake titicaca is dotted with dozens of islands, each with characteristics and peculiarities.
The floating islands of the Uros, whose inhabitants descend from the ancient tribes that are known in America, are characterized by typical huts made from reeds. The people of Taquile Island, still use traditional weaving techniques that tourists can learn if they decide to spend the night there and accept the customary hospitality of its inhabitants.

Day One: Tour Cusco – Lake Titicaca

The Lake Titicaca tours start with pick up from your hotel in Cusco around 7:00 am, on the way to Lake Titicaca , will Visit Huaro catholic church, Visit Raqchi historical site, lunch at Marangani town , before reach Lake Titicaca ,Stop on the view of la Raya Alt 14500 ft, to appreciate part of Andes mountains, like Chimboya Mountain, located between Cusco and Lake Titicaca ,visit Pukara one ancient culture located in the high lands of Lake Titicaca ,and then drop off hotel around 17-18 pm in Puno, near the great lake of the world.

Day Two: Tour Lake Titicaca – Uros floating island and Taquile day tour

Lake Titicaca Private Tour: Pick up from your hotel approx. 7:00 am, Private Transfer service, to Lake Titicaca port, Visit Uros floating island the large floating island of Lake Titicaca , meet Local families at Uros floating island around 30 minutes to appreciate the traditions, dressing, language, after our visit at Uros island will go Visit and hike Taquile island, another wonderful island of Lake Titicaca, will meet Farmers and Weavers we will do lunch at Taquile with local people, from the top of Taquile will appreciate the large navigable Lake Titicaca and then keep our journey, day tour al Lake Titicaca ,return hotel around 5:30 pm, normally in our private tours at Lake Titicaca ,lunch and tickets are included, private new boat, to keep clean the Lake Titicaca , personal Capitan who knows very well the all lake and weather in the Lake Titicaca, personal guide service with a lot knowledge in history of Lake Titicaca for visit both island.

Day Three: Puno – Sillustani – Lampa – Chucuito

Pick up from your hotel in Puno Located near next to lake Titicaca around 9:00 am visit Sillustani funeral towers, another great historical sites located on the high lands of Lake Titicaca ,visit the wonderful lake call Humayoc, which was part of ancient Lake Titicaca , walking and hiking around the historical site, Visit the Pink City of Lampa , and wonderful Colonial church of Lampa , a wonderful temple located in the high lands of Lake Titicaca dedicate to Santiago de Apostol, visit Chucuito the ancient fertility temple of Inca culture located also next to Lake Titicaca .

Day Four: Puno – Juliaca

Pick up from your hotel approx.. Flight Number from Juliaca to Lima, thanks very much this is my personal information for Puno and Lake Titicaca and visit another parts of Peru.
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